Brake Transparent Wheel Castor with Plate

Short Description:

  • Wheel Diameter: 35mm 50mm 60mm 75mm 100mm
  • Load Capacity:  30- 70kg
  • Wheel Material: PU tread PVC rim
  • Color: Transparent
  • Product Detail

    3D Drawing

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    The outsourcing of the wheels is made of polyurethane (PU) material infusion molding, and imported glue is used to bond with the frosted surface of the wheel core.

    The product is wear-resistant, tear-resistant, chemical-resistant, radiation-resistant, silent, high-load and shock-absorbing.

    The wheel core is injection-molded of high-strength and tough PVC, which is non-toxic and tasteless. It is an environmentally friendly material.

    The wheel core has the characteristics of rigidity, toughness, fatigue resistance, and stress crack resistance.

    Anti-UV materials are added during the wheel manufacturing process to prevent discoloration.

    The castor has brake function, when press the brake pedal, it can be firmly fixed in the same position when it does not need to move. Release the brake and the wheels can move normally.

    Using temperature: -15-80

    Technical Data

    ITEM NO. Wheel Diameter Total Height Top Plate size Bolt Hole Spacing Mounting Bolt Size Load Capacity
      mm mm mm mm mm kg
    F23.035-P 35 50 42×42 32×32 4.5 30
    F23.050-P 50 63 42×42 32×32 4.5 40
    F23.060-P 60 78 60×60 45×45 6.5 50
    F23.075-P 75 96 60×60 45×45 6.5 60
    F23.100-P 100 125 60×60 45×45 6.5 7


    This swivel twin wheel furniture castor with plate is mainly used in household or office appliance. It is suitable for couch, small device, cabinet, chair, office chair, work bench, table, and dolly.

    12. Household Appliance

    Household Appliance

    5. Cabinet


    7. Office Chair

    Office Chair

    14. Display Rack

    Display Rack

    10. Dolly


    6. Chair


    3. Couch


    13. Showcase


    About Orders

    1. Packaging:

    We provide packaging service to ensure the products can be in good condition and won’t be damaged in shipping. Normally the products will be packed in cartons or wooden pallets. If you have their own requirements for packaging, we also can do as required.

    2. Delivery

    For bulk order, normally the lead time is 30-40 days, but if the order quantity is large enough, it could be delivered within 30 days. We also provide available products, the delivery could be arranged immediately once ordered and paid. As for the sample, normally the delivery time is 5-7 days.

    We provide different options for shipping as if it’s reasonable and convenient for you, but most of our customers choose to ship by sea which is cheaper and safer than other means of transportation.

    3. After-sales service

    We provide professional and comprehensive after-sales services. If there is any problem about the installation and quality of product after purchasing, we welcome you to contact us and our professional salesperson will try our best to find the solutions.

    4. Certificates

    We have been assessed ISO 9001: 2000 International quality authentication, and got REACH, ROHS, PAHS, En840 certificates to make sure our product quality meets international standards and customer’s professional requirements.

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