Advantages of Transparent Castors

Advantages of Transparent Castors

1.Fashion Style:
The transparent castors have a delicate and fashionable appearance, which can become an unexpected little embellishment in life, and is also suitable for places with gorgeous decoration.

2.Noise Reduction:
Transparent castors are popular choices in busy office buildings, as noise and distractions are usually kept to a minimum. The transparent castors are also quiet on uneven terrain.


3.Load Bearing Capabilities:
Compared to rubber castors, transparent castors have a considerable bearing capacity. If you really want to enhance noise reduction, floor friction and shock absorption, rubber is a good solution, but you do so at the cost of reduced comfort. If you choose rubber, you may also need more castors, which could add to your cost. So considering the bearing capacity, transparent castors is the best choice.

4.Low Friction:
Transparent castors minimize friction when in motion, which means objects with transparent castors are easier to move.

5.Floor Protection:
The friction of the transparent castors is small, so the castors are not easy to leave marks on the floor when moving objects. In a high-traffic office building or a stylish floor made of materials such as hardwood, transparent castors can be a good choice.

Post time: Apr-01-2022