General instructions for using castors

General instructions for using castors

5. General instructions for using castors1

Before using the castors hope to consider its usage, required functions, and usage condition, and then select the appropriate type. And please pay attention to the following:

1. Appropriate load bearing

The possible load bearing in the product introduction refers to the general load bearing that is easy to move when transported on a flat ground by manual operation. At the same time, it is a general load that can be carried out in a safe state for a long time. It is necessary to estimate the total weight of the carrying objects in advance, and then select the appropriate castor according to the allowable load. Usually, only 3 of the 4 castors are under force, so the total weight limit should be theoretically multiplied by 0.8.

When using 4 castors, the total weight limit = the allowable bearing load of each castor*4*0.8. And please calculate the overall maximum bearing load according to the castor with the lowest bearing load when using castors of different sizes and specifications.

2. About speed

The requirements for the speed of the castors are: in a normal temperature environment, at no higher than the walking speed, on a flat ground, and there is a general use situation in a stopped working state. (Please avoid continuous (non-stop) use that may cause the castors to send cushions)

Castor wheel diameter 75mm or less —— 2km/h or less; 100mm or less—— 4km/h or less

3. Conditions of use

Based on the specific equipment for installing castors to determine the diameter of the castor, its material, the installation method (such as plate-mounted, and screw-fixed, etc.) and the type of castor used (such as flexible rotation, fixed, stop Type, etc.). In short, the most suitable one should be selected after fully weighing according to the types of castors available or the various types available.

4. Regarding the brakes of castors

Due to long-term use, the castors will wear out, and the function of the castors will decrease. Please pay attention to it at any time.

Under normal circumstances, the anti-rotation of rigid castors (nylon, resin, etc.) will be reduced after a period of use.

And refers to anti-rotation, please use other anti-rotation methods (such as castor brakes, ground anti-slip, etc.) in accordance with product safety requirements or specified special needs.

5. Environmental conditions for using castors

Generally, the use environment of castors is set in the indoor environment under normal temperature, so try to avoid using them in special environments, such as high temperature, low temperature, multiple temperatures, high acidity, high alkalinity, high salt content, and chemical Solvents, oil, or sea water and chemical liquids directly contact the castors, which will reduce the effectiveness of the castors.

When in use, other reliable measures shall be provided according to different conditions, such as the material of metal appliances, castors, lubricating oil, etc., and it shall be considered that some materials will pollute the ground.

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