How to choose proper castor.

How to choose proper castor.

1. How to choose proper castor1

1. Decide the composition of castor: Consideration on the size of road, obstacles, remaining substances on application area (such as iron scraps, grease), surrounding conditions (such as high temperature, normal temperature or low temperature) as well as the load capacity of castor should be taken into during the decision-making for proper composition of castor.

2. Calculate load capacity: To calculate the load capacity of various castors, the net weight of transported equipment, maximum load and number of single castor or castor used must be provided. Load capacity required by a single castor or castor is calculated as following: T- (E + Z)/M X N; T=load capacity required by a single castor or castor; E=net weight of transported equipment, Z=Maximum load; M=number of single castor or castor used; N=safety coeffi cient (about1.3-1.5).

3. Decide castor diameter: The larger the diameter of castor, the easier the movement and the larger the load ability, which can also protect the fl oor from any damage. The selection of castor diameter should be decided by the load capacity and the starting thrust of conveyor with load.

4. Decide material of wheel: To consider the actual application area must be given during the decision-making for composition of castor. The castors will easily worn-out when using under acid, grease and chemical situation. Hence, it is essential to consider the surface, the substances on application area    and surrounding conditions in the course of castor choosing. For example, rubber castor, polyurethane castor and super artificial rubber castor are applicable to rough ground due to their characteristics of wear-resistant, good elasticity. Iron castor and special high-heat resistant castor can work under low temperature and high temperature or under surroundings of great difference in temperature. Nylon castor and iron castor can meet your transportation requirement to uneven ground or ground with iron scraps.

5. Rotary flexibility: Ball bearing made of high quality bearing steel ensures high load capacity and is applicable to place of quiet and flexible rotation. Telling bearing made of special engineering plastics is applicable to humid and corrosive place. Roller bearing with heat treatment can bear a high load smoothly. Besides, special-made rubber castor, polyurethane castor and artificial castor have good performances of floor-protected and free of trace of movement.

6. Temperature condition: The operation of castor is greatly affected under low temperature and high temperature. Polyurethane castor and rubber castor have flexible and free rotation under low temperature. Some nylon castor has easy rotation under low temperature outdoors.

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