How to maintain furniture castors

How to maintain furniture castors

6. How to maintain furniture castors1

In daily life, any appliance is regularly maintained and repaired during use, which can effectively ensure its service life. As a frequently moving part of furniture, furniture castors often bear the overall gravity of the furniture, so the maintenance of furniture castors has become the important part of the furniture. After all, the errors and failures of any detailed part will affect the overall safety of the furniture, so regular maintenance is necessary.

Here to share the maintenance skills of furniture castors, there are three main tasks: lubrication and oiling, removal of windings, and anti-corrosion.

1. Lubricate and refuel. The most important thing for furniture castors to realize the rotation function is that the running parts of the steel ball of the bracket and the running parts of the bearing are often in a state of friction. Regular oiling can effectively maintain the lubrication state, reduce the wear of metal parts, and greatly extend the service life of the furniture castors.

2. Remove the entanglement. This work is closely related to the operating environment of the furniture castors. There are usually various types of hair, paper scraps and other impurities on the floor in the home space. These impurities are easily entangled in the running bearing parts of the furniture castors, causing damage to the furniture castors. Therefore, once any entanglement is found, it should be removed in time.

3. The furniture castor holder is mostly made of metal. Although the metal surface is often coated with anti-corrosion, the wear and tear of the surface anti-rust layer during the use will lead to metal corrosion. Therefore, once a large area of ​​the anti-rust layer is found to be separated, the anti-rust oil and anti-rust paint can be applied.

In general, with a little attention to maintenance, we can maximize the utility of furniture castors and achieve the longest service life. 

Post time: Nov-17-2021