The History of Castor

The History of Castor

The History Of Castor

The development of castors has a long history, and it is difficult to trace its origin. But it is certain that after people invented the wheel, it has become much easier to carry and move objects. However, the wheels can only run in a straight line and it 

is still difficult to change the direction when carrying large objects. Later people invented the wheels with steering structures, which are what we now call castors or swivel castors. The advent of castors has brought an epoch-making revolution in handling, especially in moving objects. Not only can they be easily handled, but they can also be moved in any direction, which greatly improves the efficiency.


In modern times, with the rise of the industrial revolution, more and more equipments need to be moved, and imported castors are more and more widely used all over the world, and castors are almost inseparable from all walks of life.


In contemporary times, with the development of science and technology, as the equipment has become more and more highly utilized, castors have become an indispensable part. Therefore, the development of castors has become more specialized and has become a special industry.

Today, castors are widely used, mainly in various mechanical transport, mobile devices and designed for a wide range of industries, any industry we are familiar with has a castor in it. With the different needs of people's lives and different industries, all kinds of castors are still being invented and created, and there are about 150,000 different kinds of castors used in various industries all over the world. For example, the industries we are familiar with such as home appliances, machine tools, packaging, printing, petrochemicals, mining, food, textiles, hardware, engineering machinery, transport, agricultural machinery, medical equipment, etc.

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